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YIP specializes in new online business start ups. Never again be tricked by a sales person that does not have your company's best interest in mind! Learn from a internet marketing webmaster with over 20 years of experience growing companies using just the internet!

You Have to Win on Google (we do that for you).

In the mean time let’s get you business in other ways… 

We have designed a marketing program that works, it brings in more calls. We take your local marketing to new levels you have not seen.  We only work with one company per city. You might want to act now! Others that use our service have seen over 50k in sale the 1st month!…

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The Goal is to build your business with new customers and build and protect your business brand on Google. We are an Internet marketing company that has been in business for 22yrs and we are not going anywhere. As a business owner you need to set a monthly budget for the protection of your business brand. We offer branding, branding protection and SEO hosting free as part of any of our marketing service.

Can you buy your way to the top of Google fast by cheating or AdWords?  Yes.

I like to think, The real question is.

Can we win Google’s respect and get ranked number one? Yes.

Can we train Google to see things which are not there? Yes.

Moving on…

LOOK! Being found on the number one search engine (Google) is a must! It’s as straightforward as that. What you need is TIME. We have to build your website to the levels and strengths that your current online competitors websites are at and then surpass them. It all just takes time.

How long has your competitors been trying to rank tops on Google?

How much work have you put into your website till date?

Can you list all the work that has been done to your websites online exposure or even to your URL?

MARKETING ALERT! Read through our website, you will realize and understand that you need local maps marketing service. Please read the entire page prior to contacting us.

PAY ATTENTION, the content below is factual and proven to work!

I generate leads off the internet for many company’s and the norm in 1st response time has been like 4 hours with my new trend marketing tool I have designed.

Personally, I can get you a lead, phone call, email reply, text message; and / or customers walking through your doors. Anything, any form of customers contacting you for business. Right now, at will, I can get anyone a lead within a few hours! The average response for the first lead is about 4 hours. And once the first lead comes through, 70% of the time, more are on the way immediately. I am going to get you more business fast!

If you’re concerned about getting too many leads, worry no more. If it’s necessary, we will come up with a way for you not to take all calls. Only the ones that are really ready to buy. Your budget does play a roll in daily lead volume. Our leads are less then 1/3 of what Google AdWords cost or any other lead service. Most importantly these leads are exclusively yours. The best part is, like you, your competition has no clue this stream of new business exists. This stream should be good for a few years.

Spots are very limited for my instant leads system that I just built 2 months ago. Right now we are satisfying current clients, and it’s going great. When you speak with me you’re going to know that i have expertise.

Producing in volume, leads for: pool services, auto services and auto parts, auto painting and house painting services, garage door services, Band Gigs, car service, limo services, dollar store, tee shirt printing, locksmiths, window washing, maid service, tuxedo sales and rentals, pest control and I have found that almost any works.

Recap, we build your business with a stream of new clients in hours and build your business to rank tops on Google; a true win-win for you. In your office install with training is offered to SEO minded company’s. Learn one of my most protected secrets to building many leads for any business. Or how about we just get your business pumping and producing profits!

The worst case scenario when speaking with me is that you will learn some facts and get great direction to being a successful business owner using the power of the Internet.

Read the rest of the site and then complete the contact us form. Let’s get you even more success then your getting now!


To address the different types of business needs and services, we offer several services to help you reach your goals. In many instances, one service may be all that is necessary. However, it is not uncommon for a company to combine our professional services (like an a la cart menu) such as web site updating (can be offered for free), or perhaps local and organic SEO, and even AdWords training. As a result, whether you are a small, medium or large company, we have the low cost internet marketing services that are tailor made to fit your websites needs and budget.

Our website designs value start out at over $1,000.00

You will be surprised at the number of people in your local area who are searching for exactly what you have to offer. If your business is not an option (not found in Google) than right now your competitors are getting the business. We know how to deliver these potential customers to your website / phone.

Prospective customers however, tend to search by topic and city, in which case it’s likely your business won’t show up – especially if you’re in a neighboring cit, but there’s good news.

We know how to get real customers calling your business in under 1 day. We are confident in getting you new business fast!

Online Small Business Startup Specialists Services on a Shoe Sting Budget!

All our website designs hold TOP Google Pagespeed Rankings – Meaning: SUPER Fast Website Load Speeds 100% the way Google wants it. A must have when you want top ranking under high volume words.  Doing it Google’s way makes sure we are providing the absolute best experience for all your online customers. What is your current page speed at? Did your internet guy talk to you about it 2 years ago(2015)? U want that fixed and coded to be in the green if not 100/100 on both platforms. Search Google PageSpeed. Test your site…

These are facts…

  • 97% of all online activity is related to local content.
  • 97% of consumers search for local business online.
  • 82% of local searchers follow up with a phone call or show up at your doorstep.
  • 80% of consumer budgets are spent within 50 miles of the home.
  • 66% of Americans find what they are looking for from a local search.
  • 61% of local searches result in an offline purchase.

Your online reputation makes or breaks you!

Get your own personal marketing webmaster controller to help with all your online tasks. Your website needs daily attention to be successful. Your website needs to have a daily plan to reach all the long term goals. Your website has to earn traffic from Google(or you can pay for the traffic), and that is only going to happen when you engage Google to show / tell Google why you deserve to be found at the top of a Google organic / map search result. This is what our marketing services do for you in a nut shell, sounds easy doesn’t it? It is for us.

Build a positive business image starting today!

Ask us about how you can get a free professional webpage which will be designed exactly the way Google wants it. Your web page will be 100% smart phone friendly which is also just like Google wants it to be. Your free web page will be 100% coded for the 2017 trends and beyond!!!

For the most part and the simplest way to break down your online exposure to reach the most people looking for your service or product is:

  1. Paid Per Clicks is when you pay for your listing to be shown on top of the search. The biggest problem here is that people link the paid traffic right to the home page of the website and not to a targeted page on the website that is more aggressive in demanding a positive action. This can be very costly and most the time there is a better way to spend that money.
  2. Local maps listings are truly the first thing any company wanting to be found on line has to be working on. You must do this before you even think about anything else. This placement provides free clicks and is about 80% of what anyone searching for you is going to see. The big problem here is that no one seems to understand what has to been done to win a top placements / listings. When they overlook these few things and do not work on them each day it really makes the organic harder to have top success. That said leads us in to #3.
  3. Once you have started the local listing tasks and have a good foot hold you can start going after the organic listings. Once you start organic SEO marketing you need to adjust your local maps listing / marketing tasks and you should be making changes to your paid advertisement to make sure you’re not wasting your money. In time you should be able to stop the paid advertisement. Organic marketing most the time is going to cost a little more than local maps marketing and sometimes organic is not needed if you drive the local maps in the right direction.

Search engines are still the number one place to be found and still have the highest traffic ratings. These are just a few things that can be done to get your website more traffic. Your company needs may have other options depending upon your geographical location and what your offering. A true webmaster can give you the right insight and help lead you in the right direction without you spending crazy amounts of money.

Did you know that your search could be misleading?

If you are logged in to your Google account when you are searching then your not getting the true search results, meaning that Google is showing YOU what they think you want to see from all your previous logged in searches. So, to get a true search result completely log out of your Google account on all your CPU/ smart phone / browsers then close the browser and reopen it. Make sure you are not signed / logged in. Then Clear your cache. lastly, do your search – that is the real search results. Now you know how good your website is doing in a map or organic search.





We are 100% invested in a long term business relationship with you. The Marketing Webmaster has worked with Google Yahoo and Bing for years. You have to cover the basics to build and grow your business’s brand and identity. About 95% of websites we look at do not.

We’ll be the last Marketing Webmaster you’ll ever have to deal with!

Google My Business is still very new and 75% of the business owner we talk to never even knew or heard about Google My Business.

Do you want your business to be the local trusted brand in your area that people can count on for excellent service? Will then let’s make that happen.

Remember we are 100% invested in your business success and only offer services that produce results and a great return on your advertising investment!!! We are here to grow with you. We are the online marketing company that works for all your needs…


If you keep marketing online the way you’re currently doing it now, then you must accept the same results each day! If you eager for more calls then take the few minutes to speak to a true webmaster.

When you ADD A SPECIALIZED MARKETING WEBMASTER to what you’re currently doing now be ready for great new changes that are going to improve the direction of your online presence, generate more online business awareness and help your local branding. Have you taken your business as far as you can and just need little bit of help, or do you just need help getting your business going and not sure the starting point? What ever you needs are or what ever level you are at we can help!

Are you ready to dominate your local market place?

Let’s talk!…

You are not going to speak to some newly hired sales person reading from a script with no real under standing of how the internet works, and with his or her own sales numbers being the priority. Trust me, once you are told what ever they need to say to win your business that would be the last time you speak to that person and you’ll be handed off to a do it by the numbers person that never heard about your concerns or goals. Once you pay them they are going to handle your online business just like all the other suckers. NO matter what your business is about they are going to do the same thing for you as they did for the… dog groomer, pizza joint, or tire shop and that is not how your business needs to be treated. YOUR business needs to have a custom plan that fits your budget and your needs. DON’T give us a black eye for what these fools are doing.

Are you ready to use the power of the internet for what you business needs?

Let’s make a plan and get your company making more money! Read More About Costs Click Here

At this point you either want to be more successful or you don’t. If you think you can handle your online marketing and you’re happy with your results, Great!!!(but why are you here?), we are here to help people that do not have the time to do what it takes or understand they need some help!

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Look at our costs, these prices make our service one of the best in the world.

All work that needs to be done by a human are 100% done that way. Why this matter to your online business is simply the way Google needs to see it. Now some websites need extra juice meaning your site needs help to get up to speed with your current competitors. All work is done to bring your site up to the top helping you get found more thus getting you more calls for business. We work for you and all the work we do is permanent and never is removed or changed if you stop using our service. The only goal for your site is to be found and to produce more business. When you’re getting more business from our work then you’re going to keep us as your marketing webmaster for life and that is how we have been so successful for so many years. Our service cost pays for it’s self in a very short amount of time.

Let’s give you an idea about our services costs.

The average costs are as follows, just want you to understand we say average only because some cities are bigger in size and take more hours a month to get the best results for your business.

  • Auto Posting Starts @ $99.00
  • We offer free site designs in most cases.
  • We work with you to build a custom marketing plan at prices you can afford.
  • The Avg. cost is $96 a month.
  • One time setup fees range from $99 to $599.
  • The service comes with one on one support.
  • You’re hiring a marketing webmaster to work for your company.
  • We are Not a 3rd party service that treats you like the next guy.
  • Personal one on one webmaster services.
  • Using an expert is going to save you up to 90% in employee costs.

Getting the website up to date

Your old website is not doing you any favors(PageSpeed), and if you have anyone or even yourself marketing your site and it is out of date then Google is penalizing your site. This can be the different from your site being #1 or doing better then what you are ranking now. We have seen sites that are 13th in rank move up to as highest #1 once the right pagespeed code is being used. You can read about what Google did last year and how it affects your business. Click here to read about it If you are paying a marketing company and they did not bring this to your attention back in 2014, or by April of 2015 you need to fire them. Why? They do not know what they are doing. We started using the right code in 2013. The more important part of what you are overlooking is that your visitors, about 80% of them are not going to enjoy your site. That should the biggest reason to make the upgrade to your site. Most sites can be upgraded for around $299 to $499 and in most cases we do this for free for you. We have to get your site up to date, your site is a tool and if it is old and out dated it wont work right. The only code to use today is responsive html code.

When you are ready to change the direction of your company to be more of a positive one with Google talk with me.

If you are ready to get new business and grow online… Talk with the best!

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Tell us what you're thinking when it comes to your website and online marketing.